Climbing links from around the world


Countries and continents

People in the following listing are helpful friends of hot rock and / or guardians of local knowledge.

It is not, by any means, an exhaustive list of climbing in those countries. To start with, the Hot Rock new routes book includes routes in plenty of countries, and on dozens of crags not on t'internet!

For the best travel photojournalism in my (slightly biased) opinion, check out


Argentina: Have a look at Rolando Garribotti's site for Patagonia, or check out stonedance for much of the rest of the country. Or, if you speak Spanish click here for the Bariloche blog or here for Escaladaenroca.

Bolivia: Try the Aranjuez blog, or Terraeo for Valle de las Rocas

Brazil: a couple of sites to get you started: HangOn, Escaladabrasiland the Parana state climbing site

Cambodia: Ask Ben for a Guidebook

Chile: the Chile Climbing Site is a fantastic countrywide resource. Or click here for Cochamo

China: One of many excellent outfits in Yangshuo is chinaclimb; another is Karst Climber; if you're in Dali then check out Climb Dali

Ecuador: it's all about Monodedo

Egypt: The Israeli climbing club does an interactive topo for Sinai

Ethiopia: go here to buy a cool book about hot rock's ascent of Wehni

India: Contact Pil for Hampi / Chattru or local operators for more hampi bouldering

Laos: Contact Phil for climbing in Khammouan or Adam's climbing school for Vang Vieng

Jordan: Contact Tony Howard, the "discoverer" of Rum: Nomad travel or try rock climbing atlas

Kenya: Contact Leo at the mountain club of Kenya

Malaysia: For info on the local scene contact Patrick at Camp 5

Mozambique: Contact Alard at Alard's Bigwall Climbing

Namibia: the Mountain Club of SA has a namibia section

Pakistan: Contact Khan at Glacier Breeze Passu or Iqbal at summit karakoram skardu

Peru: Matias Rubio runs the comprehensive Toposperu site, which covers the whole of rock climbing in Peru. Useful, as there's no guidebooks.

South Africa: visit or SACIN for general info; get in touch with Stuart at de Bos for Montagu and Gustav at Roc'n'Rope for Waterval Boven

Sudan: For general help contact Midhat Mahir at Globtours

Syria: Contact Juerg at

Thailand: contact Elke & Wee at Basecamp Tonsai or try Yhu at On the Rocks. For Chiang Mai get in touch with Chiang Mai rock climbing adventures

Turkey: Contact Jost at Josito in Geyikbayiri; Kadir at his tree houses in Olympos or try climb europe

Vietnam: Slo or Pony for all the Halong Bay DWS:


General climbing

World cragging databases: and and

Worldwide mountaineering info: The American Alpine Journal library


Worldwide indoor wall listing:

General climbing portal: abcofclimbing

Competition & top level climbing news: 8a

Rock climbing courses in the sun: rock and sun



Planning overland journeys: Go Overland

A friend in Asia: contact Pete at Odyssey Overland for non-climbing overland trips there



Here's a few independent retailer links - folk who have been good to hot rock in the past! All of them do internet orders too:

Symonds Yat: Bananafingers

Carlisle: Freetime

Milton Keynes: the outdoor shop

Arundel: Peglers

North West: Ultimate Outdoors

Accrington: Outdoor Gear Store

Ambleside: the climbers shop

Forums and magazines


Many of the organisations above have their own forums and I'm not going to list them all again. The best climbing forums in the uk, by far, are at UKClimbing.

In Australia, you could check CragXor Chockstone


Lastly, if your site deserves a link, Contact me


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