A Typical Day?

Martin's calendar shot, complete with freshwater mussels just collected from Lake Victoria

In answer, there is no such thing. Every day we’ll do different things or head to new places.

Overland travel does however settle into a certain pattern with everybody helping with the campsite tasks, collecting wood for cooking, shopping for supplies in the local markets or collecting water from village pumps.

With driving distances fairly low there will be plenty of time in the areas to set up a base camp from which to explore.

Often this will be an established campsite with showers, a bar and a restaurant. At other times we will stay in budget hotels and hostels in cities.

We will camp on beaches, live in tree houses and caves, and at other times we free camp in the wilderness of the deserts or mountains, completely self sufficient.

Trying to push BIRT out of the jungle, Mozambique

The waterboys in action, Malawi

The style of the expedition means that everybody will get involved, be it digging the truck out of sand if it gets stuck, cooking for the group when it’s your turn, buying supplies or simply collecting water from the local village well.

A willingness to participate and work as a team is the most important attribute for expedition members. If you want a package holiday then this is definitely not for you.

Living in a turkish treehouse

Or camped under a palm tree on the beach

There are no fixed itineraries in many parts of the world. An attitude of 'Insh Allah' (if God wills it) and ‘Hakuna Matata’ (no worries) will help, as will flexibility and a sense of humour.

Border closures, climate extremes, vehicle breakdowns and road conditions can cause delays and necessitate a change of plans.

The route dossier is a rough guide only; where we go and how long we stay is usually a group decision and determined by vote as new information and climbing areas are discovered.

The next expedition is in South America:
Jan -Aug 2012


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