Faces of Hot Rock

Tom, seen here cragging / posing in Ecuador, is the leader of the current South America southbound trip. Well, he's theatrical in every way...


Tom will be ably assisted by Chris, our driver / mechanic from the sunshiney land of boerewors, castle lager, and braai


The three musketeers:

Roger, Simon & Andy finding Ernie at the start of the south america northbound trip.

Just the transit and seven months of climbing to go, then...

Rhonda, our hard climbing, harder paddling, banjo-playing canadian bluegrass enthusiast led the Africa 2010 trip from Jordan to South Africa.

For the first half she was ably assisted by Pat... Pat, I need a photo!

dunc. on the ball as usual.Duncan. Thinks he’s the boss (but see right.)

Goes climbing round the globe in order to avoid getting a real job. It worked for years until a baby intervened.

Likes: owning a massive red truck. Dislikes: Figs…

lianna. don't piss her off.Lianna. Leader on several Hot Rock trips but now a proud mum. Travelling days are postponed!

Likes: bush camps. Dislikes: bureaucrats with small man syndrome

Danny "the little dutch boy". Seen here stoping the mechanic from doing his job properly in Sudan.

From May 2009, Danny is Mr Hot Rock, as he leads the Arc of Asia expedition from India to Singapore.

Likes: aiding in sandy roofs

Dislikes: belaying people after they've eaten figs. (piss off danny!).


pete atop Mlema3, MozambiquePete. Why, aye mon!

Steadily working his way through every Hot Rock job, Pete co-drove the Silk Road trip and will be driving the Arc.

Rumours of an ongoing affair with BIRT are unproven. Likes: trees. Dislikes: solid holds

henry. cleaning the kitchen!Henry. South African driver and mechanic, Henry has lovingly looked after the Big Red truck throughout 2 Africa expeditions spanning 18 months. Likes: grease & filth. Dislikes: narrow spaces.

Jase in typical poseJase. The paddle wielding, backside bashing Canadian, Jase is mechanic and co-driver on the Silk Road expedition. Likes: big trucks. Very, very big trucks. Dislikes: let's just say his tattoo reads "I am CANADIAN!"

em. little miss sunshine.Emma. Leader on the most recent Africa trip, Em negotiated us through Kenya during the election crisis and through Zimbabwe during the, um, election crisis. Likes: onsighting harder than Danny. Dislikes - election crises.


Mel in party modeMel - camera woman, producer, sound woman and editor of the fantastic Hot Rock videos, we found Mel on the silk route expedition when she was filming the bungee in Nepal at the 'last resort'. She has filmed over a year and a half of Hot Rocking since and will be back on for the Silk Road. Likes - Fairies and glitter. Dislikes - Cold weather and tiling.


Ju. will turn your world upside down.Jules - Hot Rocker turned leader for the Turkey section, Jules is the hot rock boulder queen. And she's taught a whole generation of hot rockers to sew! Likes: collecting hair. Dislikes: Egyptian men

stiggy gets stuck inStiggy - the well travelled founder of and inspiration behind Hot Rock, Stiggy is now taking a back seat rather than his customary place in the front.

Can take particular credit for organising the global challenge - the first ever vehicular circumnavigation of the planet.

bob. solid.Bob - was the original driver and mechanic. This Australian legend is never happier than when welding or wielding a huge spanner. Likes - Coopers ale and engines. Dislikes - Indian trees and anybody 'messing around' in his tool locker

dave. so much time on hot rock. respect.Dave - has been Hot Rocking since Kenya in 1999. The 'Gaffer' from London through Africa and South America until Mexico. He is now organizing one off climbing trips to develop areas we discovered on the Global challenge. Likes - anything he can drag his portaledge up. Dislikes - Loose flakes and warm beer

fi. reaches the parts other mechanics cannot reach.Fi - was our long standing truck driver and seasoned overlander - poached by Stuart from one of the commercial overland companies when they met in a bar in Katmandu. Fi has been running overland trips for more than 7 years and she knows her way around the backroads of numerous dodgy countries. Likes - tupperware and reading. Dislikes - sudanese auto part shops.

wayne no dad of two, gone respectableWayne - a.k.a. the dove of love has been the driver on five continents and has single handedly and unselfishly propped up the brewing economy of the third world for the last five years. Likes - changing nappies and Bam. Dislikes - smoking

tim. harsh pic,harsh weather.Tim - Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it'll be Hot Rock regular and leader of the last trip, our very own Wu Tan Klan Man. Likes - flying. Dislikes - Mount Kenya. (see left)

This man has a phdBoud - the man from the flat land left in search of hills and after an extensive stint on the trip in South America (and on the Sphynx in Peru with Dave and Geoff) he came back to take care of all the climbing as leader from Bali back to London. Likes - Krabi. Dislikes - Owls.

fi with the OTHER DUNC! Dunc - seen here with Fi in Mexico, uncle Duncan was a Hot Rocker promoted through the ranks after a distinguished career. The climbing leader in North America. Likes - bottle pushing and procrastinating. Dislikes - working



The next expedition is in South America:
Jan -Aug 2012


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